Mozambique Wells
Unchained Mozambique

12Stone® Church is partnering with World Hope International to build 100 wells in Mozambique over the next three years. We have committed to funding and building wells in order to ensure safe drinking water for the residents in these communities. With the current contaminated water sources, Mozambique’s child mortality rate remains high and water borne illnesses are common. With new wells, residents will be healthier and have greater opportunity to produce crops because of usable water and the time they will save by not walking 3-7 miles to draw water. 12Stoners will have the opportunity to travel to Mozambique and help with this effort while sharing the eternal well of life, Jesus Christ. If you are interested in joining us for a short- term mission trip, please fill out the form to the right.

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Upcoming Trips

  • March 30-April 8
    May 31-June 10
    June 21-July 1
    July 12-22
    September 27-October 7